Setup VPN

This article explains how to setup a VPN to a Meraki Network on the Example of a MX80 and connect a client to it.

Configuring the Meraki Portal

Since all Meraki devices are Cloud Managed you have to login to the Meraki Portal.

There the firewall has to be registrered (Placeholder for another Blogarticle), so it pulls the config changes.

Select the organisation and the network wählen that the firewall is a member of.
Afterwards you can add a VPN user by going to Security Appliance > Client VPN > "Add new user".

On the same configuration page the Client VPN Server has to be active and a seperate network for the users connecting via VPN has to be defined. This is a good thing to do in general not just with Meraki because it makes it easy to write firewall rules for VPN users.

At last you have to enter a PSK to the „Secret“ field.
This PSK, the username and the password will now be needed to setup the client.