Welcome to my Blog.
The name of this blog is a play on words.

Hack and Zen make sense in english and Werk can be translated to craft or a peace of work.

The german word Hexenwerk means wichchraft and often IT is referred to as Hexenwerk. To show that IT is in fact not wichcraft I write articles and guides on Hackzenwerk.org about Linux, Windows and network technology.

I found the most most effecient learning techniqe to be writing down what I have learned. Only if you are able to explain something in your own words you have learned something. Articulating your knowledge is forcing you to rethink the matter and often results in finding thinking errors and education gaps.

You realize what your picture is missing when you try to contexutalize something and look at it from a readers perspective.

So in a way this blog is my Rubber Duck.

One of the most fascinating concepts of the hacker culture is free access to knowledge. I hope that writing this blog I can contribute to a community that did a lot for me without asking anything in return.

I do not claim the contents of my writings to be correct.
I welcome criticism and suggestions.
Please do not just blindly copy&paste what you find here.

From my own painful experience let me tell you: “Think before you type.”