In this article I want to tell you about the 3D network diagram editor MaSSHandra.
Its origins are a software project that was cancelled in 2016 by the same name.

Version 2.3 of MaSSHandra was a standalone application for Windows, Linux and Mac.
A commercial license was at 20€, the software was free for private users.

Amongst other features it came with SNMP autodiscovery, access to devices via SSH, RDP and was packed with 3D models.

The new project is also called MaSSHandra and it is web based.
It relies on NodeJS und ThreeJS, which means it will natively run in modern browsers.
ThreeJS is using WebGL, a way to let your browser access parts of your GPU directly.
Very impressive tech.

The MaSSHandra source code is on github under MIT license.

The project itself is still in its early days but is showing a lot of potential if you ask me.
If you think so as well, please donate a coffee to Pablo, the developer of MaSSHandra here.
Or help further developing the software.

In upcomming articles I will show you how to get your own MaSSHandra instnace up and running.